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The mere thought of Mother’s Day brings up visions of chubby toddler fingers grasping at clumsily picked bouquets of wildflowers and breakfast in bed brought up to a sleepy mommy by her favorite chefs. Even if your Mother’s Day looks nothing like that, we’re sure the day is still chock full of tender moments that are sure to become cherished memories that you and your own mother will remember forever.

This year, along with eBay, we’re celebrating the creation of new memories all while cherishing the ones we already hold dear.

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Also come join us Tuesday, May 1st, 12-2pm PST as we chat about all the things that make Mother’s Day memorable. We want to celebrate the heartwarming, funny, ridiculous, crazy or unbelievable memories we have when it comes to mom.

Party details!

Date/Time: Tuesday, May 1st. 12-2pm PST.

Location: The official party hashtag is #eBayMom, but there’s no need to rush to your usual Twitter chat hangout! Just hop over to www.ebay.com/partyformom to party with us in style! We have everything taken care of. (Please note, in order to win any of the #eBayMom prizes you MUST be tweeting from the http://www.ebay.com/partyformom website. Full Twitter Party rules can be found here.)

Prizes: It wouldn’t be a party without a few prizes and this one is no exception. Every 15 minutes we’ll be picking a winner of a $25 eBay gift card. Start browsing now, so you know exactly what you’ll treat yourself to!

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