Communication Expectations: Tips and Guidelines #SplashChat

In the time it took me to think up the title of this post I probably received 40 emails. Granted, quite a few of those were probably from Facebook informing me that someone left a comment on a post or another, but some were possibly important and in need of a response and some were probably in that dark zone of emails that could be answered or could be ignored.

In a world where we get over 300 emails in a day, where we get texts, phone calls, Skype messages, and who knows what other pings from the outside world, we’re constantly faced with the need to decide what to respond to and how, what to ignore and why.

Let’s spend a bit of time chatting about communication expectations: what requires a response, how to best respond to emails, how to use communication to our advantage.

Join the Splash Creative Media team on Twitter Thursday, October 11th (tomorrow!) at 10amPST-1pmEST for an hour long #SplashChat. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

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